Okay . . . so hallelujah – I have finally uploaded my first blog post (insert celebratory clap here) – ha!

I have been meaning to get my butt down to Bowral for a while now, as it is such a lovely part of the world. So a couple of weeks ago now (Saturday, 8 July), hubby and I finally decided to take a day trip down South.

Yes, it was freakin’ freezing! But it was well worth the drive for Almond Croissants and AMAZING Coffee at the award winning ‘Gumnut Patisserie’ {you MUST go!}

We didn’t do all that much down there {just wanted to relax}, but we did manage to muster up the energy have a little stroll around the shops and Corbett Gardens.

We also had a snoop inside ‘The Source Bulk Foods’ – which is so good!!! I could have bought everything! But I restrained myself, and just stocked up on the essential – CACAO NIBS! But I will definitely be back!

We then decided to go and have a sticky beak at the ‘Jellore’ and ‘Mittagong’ lookouts.

The view from these lookouts were just beautiful!

Deep in thought . . .

We then decided to retreat back to my parents house for dinner and a movie.

I highly suggest that you take a trip to Bowral when you are next in the Southern Highlands!
(especially when the Tulip Festival is on – 12 September 17 to 24 September 17).

See you in my next post!